Leprechauns, fairies, and clovers were just a few of the items we’d hope to come across in Ireland; our wishes came true. Furthermore, we had the privilege of seeing some of the most breathtaking sights as well as experiencing a community of people who find humor in just about anything.

During our 16-day stretch in Ireland, we spent time in Belfast, Bushmills, Cork, Derry (a.k.a., Londonderry), Dublin, Galway, Kilkenny, Killarney, and Waterford. Each of these cities find similarities in possessing countless pubs and copious history.  Yet, in contrast they individually stand on their own and offer a varied glimpse into the Irish soul.

This is a Lonely Planet map.

This is a Lonely Planet map.

Ireland is a country filled with enchanting tales, literary genius, as well as strong-willed individuals who demonstrate a kind, generous spirit and saucy sense of humor. More than 4,000,000 call Ireland home, and we were delighted to experience a piece of it, even if only for a short time.

Our 16-day route involved a 8-day Gate1 Travel tour followed by 8-days of our own planning.

 Our 16-day Ireland itinerary:

Our Aer Linguis plane to Dublin - first clover spotting.

Our Aer Linguis plane to Dublin – first clover spotting.


March 23 – TRAVEL DAY – flew from LAX to DUBLIN, Ireland

March 24 – Dublin – joined GATE1 tour in the evening

March 25 – More of Dublin and then the city of Kilkenny

March 26 –  Waterford and Killarney

March 27 –  The Ring of Kerry and more of Killarney

March 28 – Cliffs of Moher en route to Galway

March 29 – Galway and return to Dublin

The Gate1 Travel bus as we drove through Dublin.

The Gate1 Travel bus as we drove through Dublin.


March 30 –Belfast

March 31 – Belfast

April 1 – Belfast – Londonderry (a.k.a, Derry)

April 2 – Bushmills

April 3 – Bushmills and return to Belfast

April 4 – Back to Dublin

April 5 –  Cork and Dublin

April 6 – TRAVEL DAY -flew from Dublin to LAX


The island of Ireland is pretty small and pretty easy to get around.  While traveling on our own, we noticed many public commuter buses transporting to commonly-known cities all around the island.  In addition to the plethora of commuter buses, trains and car rentals tend to be effective ways to explore this country.  We prefer to use public transportation rather than renting a vehicle because not having to remember which side of the road we should be on while driving seemed like a plus.

Stay tuned for more on our first stop: Dublin, Ireland.

Peace out,

The Franci