An experience exists in Newport Beach, California that will satisfy anyone who has ever wanted to fly.  Jetlev Southwest is a company that provides a jetpack experience using water-propulsion to lift a mere human into flight.  See for yourself…

THE CREW:  Holy Jetlev, this crew rocked!  The crew members put their full attention into the care of the customer.  Even though some people were nervous about having this experience (raising my hand – John was fine with it), the crew explained the flight procedures with confidence and presented the “you can do it” no-fail attitude.

The Jetlev crew on their way to set up for the day.

THE EXPERIENCE: I stood on the beach trying my best to assess this experience from an observer’s point of view and it was then I realized I made the mistake of being too scared to tackle this experience. My fears involved breaking body parts and drowning – this coming from a girl who has jumped from a plane.

John getting prepped to fly.

The first few minutes of the experience John worked out the kinks in figuring out how to maneuver the jetpack.  Moments later as he jetted into the air, I envisioned his wetsuit as the color red, which would have a carbon copy of Iron Man jetting around the harbor.

John rising above it all.

John made the Jetlev experience look easy, rewarding and fun.  Watching him propel from the water and into the air brought serious satisfaction. I found it fascinating that he was able to purposefully submerge under water like a submarine, walk on water, fly like Iron Man and, well, jet straight up into the air.  I can only imagine the fun he was having, but I inferred it was pretty good when I witnessed the smile on his face.

John flying and smiling!

As John came back to shore, one of the crew members asked, “So, how was it?”  John smiled, and without hesitation stated, “It was GREAT!”  Yep, this experience was worth every penny.
JOHN’S TESTIMONY: It was a neat experience and the equipment is really impressive. The pack is very light – about 20 pounds – but the pump is based in a small “boat” and uses a 33 foot hose to move 1,000 gallons a minute through the two nozzles.  In addition, the equipment is very intuitive and super sensitive. It wasn’t a rush like skydiving or bungee jumping, but it was unique. The highest it is possible to get is 30 feet and it doesn’t look like they let me get more than 20 feet up, but it never felt very high – except for perhaps the last time when they dropped me in the water.
No fear with this one, unless you have concerns about being in the ocean. You will get dunked and get a mouthful of salt water every once in a while. There is a learning curve, but after the first few minutes you can work the kinks out and have a good time. There is a person on a headset constantly giving directions. The folks running this do an exceptional job.
Check out our Rocket Man’s experience on YouTube ( and then book your own experience!

Peace out, Trenquilla