The month of April was good to us, especially where burgers were concerned.  We came across two burger joints each scoring “10s,” both starting with the letter “F,” and definitely worthy of a blog shout out. By the way, 10 ratings don’t come easy.  These two burgers make this our 5th and 6th burgers to hit the perfect 10 list. Here’s the low-down:

First up is the ever-so-funky, yet extraordinarily creative and tasty Fuku Burger (scored a 10 on our burger ranking) . Fuku Burger is located on Cahuenga in Hollywood, California.  It is a blend of genius, art, and trancelicious burger combinations.  This joint not only has a great name, but a smallish burger menu – five burgers – but burgers are clearly their focus.  The service at this place is great and our server suggested the Tamago Burger (egg, onion strings, teriyaki and wasabi mayo among other toppings) and the Buta Burger (bacon, cheese, pickled onions and ginger, and a Japanese BBQ sauce plus wasabi mayo).  Both burgers came out cooked medium rare – as recommended by our server and preferred by us.  Despite several toppings, the burgers were constructed beautifully and were held together by a bun just solid enough to absorb all the juicy flavors.  Both burgers were outstanding, but we give the slight edge to the Tamago.  These are incredible, savory and fulfilling burgers. 

Tamago Burger ($9)


Buta Burger ($10)

Roughly 125 miles away from Fuku Burger is another amazing burger joint called Frickleburgers (scored a 10 on our burger ranking)  in Cathedral City, California (on the outskirts of Palm Springs).  It’s just fun to say “Frickleburgers.”  Frickleburgers is a small place with big burgers and flavors. It was a good sign that while waiting for our burgers the worker who took the order was having a discussion with customers about burger joints and the quality of various burgers. We had the The Mother Frickle topped with cheddar, slaw, fries and onion rings, and a Frickleburger topped with American cheese, slaw, fresh and grilled onions, ketchup and an onion ring.  The self-designed Frickleburger was outstanding. The meat has Eastern European seasonings that give it a great flavor and despite being cooked to medium was incredibly juicy. The cheese and toppings combine to make this hearty burger one of the best we have had. The Mother Frickle was very good but the fries may have prevented some of the other toppings from making the burger reach its full potential. This little burger joint is world class.

Mother Frickle Burger ($7.99)


Frickleburger ($6.99)

Seriously, these burger joints are amazing mouth-watering delights.  We hope you get a chance to partake in their tranceliciousness!

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Fuku Burger: