(8) Ruth’s Diner in Salt Lake City, Utah:
This classic diner has been a landmark in this town for decades.  Their meatloaf burger may not be a traditional burger, but it is loaded with flavor and a great barbecue sauce.

Ruth’s Diner: Meat Loaf Burger – $7.99 includes fries

(2) Burger Bar in Roy, Utah:
This was a crappy burger.  “The Big Ben” was a large burger with nothing more than a small amount of lettuce and lots of fry sauce.  It was nearly impossible to taste the meat.  (The fact that they forgot to put the cheese on the cheese burger didn’t help either.)  We also tried the elk burger, which was a bit better but only because the drier meat benefitted from the huge amount of sauce they put on their burgers.
Burger Bar does not have a website.  They are located at 5291 S 1900 W, Roy, Utah.

Burger Bar: Big Ben – $4.75 includes fries

Burger Bar: Elk Burger – $5.25 includes fries