(8) The Grilled Cheese Grill in Portland, Oregon:
Praise the Cheesus Burger.  This sounded like just an exercise in excess – a burger that uses two grilled cheese sandwiches in place of buns.  Sure, you won’t eat for two days when you are done, but this was a great hamburger.  As good as it is, this could potentially get better with some work on the fix-in’s or slightly better beef.  However, since the focus of this place is grilled cheese, you may just have to settle for what might be the best burger in Oregon.

The Grilled Cheese Grill: The Original Cheesus – $8

You can enjoy your grilled cheese delights in this dining space.

(8) Willamette Burger Co. in Salem, Oregon:
This looks like a corner dive, but they ain’t playing when it comes to making burgers.  They build an excellent, juicy burger that is packed with flavor.  Not only that, but every person who worked there – including the guy we bumped into out back – asked if we liked the burgers.  They take great pride in their food and with what they are turning out, they should.

Williamette: The WBC Burger – $7.00

Willamette: BBQ Burger – $8.50

(6) Pilot Butte Drive-In in Bend, Oregon:
Poor hamburger construction helped keep this from scoring higher.  Good quality meat and interesting toppings, but we couldn’t seem to find a way to get anything to stay together long enough to get a good bite.

Pilot Butte: Cheeseburger – $6.85

Pilot Butte: Roasted Garlic Burger – $9.85 includes fries

(6) Gold Dust Café in Jacksonville, Oregon:
We wanted to love their burgers because the staff was so welcoming, especially since we showed up as they were locking their doors for the night.  They invited us in and served us up a couple of good, fresh burgers, but they didn’t really stand out.
Gold Dust Cafe does not have an official website. They are located at 100 East California Street, Jacksonville, Oregon.

Gold Dust Cafe: Golden Burger – $6.95 includes fries

Gold Dust Cafe: Western Burger –   $7.95 includes fries

(6) 21st Avenue Bar & Grill in Portland, Oregon:
This place appeared to be a bar that served food, but with the above average food they were serving, we may have had that wrong.  They serve a good burger with simple toppings.

21st Avenue: Tillamook Cheeseburger – $9.00 includes fries

21st Avenue: B&B Burger – $11 includes fries

21st Avenue: Big Kahuna Burger – $12 includes fries

(6) Sylvan Steakhouse in Portland, Oregon:
We couldn’t quite figure out the vibe at this sit-down restaurant, but their burgers were pretty good.  Nothing to take them to the next level, but fresh toppings and meat cooked just right.

Sylvan Steakhouse: Old Faithful w/ cheese                        $7.95 includes fries

Sylvan Steakhouse: The Cowboy – $9.95 includes fries

(3) McMenamin’s White Eagle Café in Portland, Oregon:
It’s a happy hour burger in a cool bar.  Burger is nothing special, but the price is right and environment is great.

McMenamin’s: Cheeseburger – $4.00 Happy Hour Price