(10) Stripburger in Las Vegas, Nevada:
The classic burger with everything done right.  This is the one that all other burgers get compared to.
We ordered a Cheeseburger – $9.95 and the following burger: 

Stripburger: Southwest Burger – $9.95

(9) Barrymore in Las Vegas, Nevada:
This hidden gem of a restaurant nailed it on making this burger.  The meat – the same as LBS – was cooked perfectly, which should not surprise for a place making a name for itself as a steakhouse.  The Steakhouse Burger features the grass-fed beef patty, bacon marmalade, Gruyere, oven roasted tomatoes and garlic aioli – a combo similar to the Perfect Burger at LBS, but balanced to perfection and served on a superior bun.  The Barrymore’s special ketchup with its little extra kick added to the burger.  An outstanding burger.

Barrymore: Steakhouse Burger – $13.50 includes fries

(9)  Grind Burgers in Las Vegas, Nevada:
Racy mascot aside, this place makes a serious burger.  Great meat, a selection of great toppings, and a nice bun makes this one of the best burger joints around.

Grind: 7oz. Chuck with American Cheese – $9.70

Grind: Juicy Lucy – $9.95

Grind: Onion Straws are delicious!

(8) LBS inside Red Rock Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada:
A modern burger joint should be good and LBS does not disappoint.  They use very good meat and put together some well-designed burgers.  The Original Burger is good. It has your basic toppings, but the sweet pickle chips and the sweeter-than-expected LBS ketchup are nice touches.  We would have liked a bit more of the ketchup, so we could taste it in every bite. The Perfect Burger is a more savory burger with Gruyere, bacon, roasted tomato, onion marmalade, burgers sauce and herb mayo.  It was also very good. Both burgers could have benefited from being cooked to medium rare instead of the medium we received.  In both cases, the buns were good – we tried the white and the wheat – but neither were anything special.

LBS: Classic Burger – $11.95 includes fries

LBS: Perfect Burger – $12.00 includes fries

(7) C.R.E.A.T.E. in Las Vegas, Nevada:
Maybe they are so darn good because we told them exactly what to put on our burger, but this place got repeat visits on one of our Vegas stays.  Great food with a wide variety of options and they don’t skimp on the toppings, bringing plenty of flavor.
We ordered the Medieval Burger – $8.23 & the Modernist Burgers – $8.93

Sorry folks, no image available

(7) Queen Victoria Pub inside the Riviera Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada:
The meat stars on this burger.  Incredibly juicy with meaty flavor gave the bun all it could handle.  Have some napkins handy.  This may be the least authentic item on the menu – just try finding a decent hamburger in England.

Queen Victoria Pub: British Burger w/ cheddar and bacon – $10.25 served with fries

(6) Burger Bar in Las Vegas, Nevada:
A 6 is a good burger, but with their prices, location and do-it-yourself toppings, we expected greatness.  The burger failed to live up to its own hype.
We ordered a Black Angus Beef – $12

Sorry folks, no image available

(6) Henry’s American Bar and Grill in Henderson, Nevada:
Restaurant and bar/slot casino in takes its burgers seriously.  The burgers are made to order and the meat has a good flavor.  At $4.99 for the basic cheeseburger, you certainly get your moneys’ worth on this rather substantial sandwich. While they had some good ingredients, they come up short of being something special.  You can find this establishment at 237 N. Stephanie Street.

Henry’s American Grill: Cheeseburger – $4.99

Henry’s American Grill: Bourbon BBQ Burger – $9.00 includes fries

(5) Rock & Rita’s inside Circus Circus, Las Vegas, Nevada:
A substantial patty and a good looking bun gave me hopes of finding a real winner, but ultimately, the burger was good but not great.  The toppings and burger construction did not do anything to make everything come together in a superior burger.  I appreciated the meatiness, but it was not as flavorful as others we have had.

Rock&Rita’s: All American Burger – $8.99 includes fries