(7) Big Jud’s in Boise, Idaho:
Sometimes you just need to eat a burger the size of a stack of Frisbees.  The shock comes when it turns out to be an outstanding basic hamburger.  The bun is appropriate for the meat and toppings, and the Big Jud hamburger is as tasty as it is fun to eat.  Many in our party ordered the “regular” size hamburgers and talked up how good they were as well.

Big Jud Special – $14.99 (comes with 1 lb. cheeseburger, fries, and a drink)

Trenquilla attempting the first bite.

Big Jud’s 1lb. burger compared to normal burger.

(6) Rockie’s Diner in Boise, Idaho:
Servers on roller skates, ‘50s tunes and plenty of neon give the place a fun retro feel.  Their burgers benefit from good toppings and fresh buns, but the meat is nothing special.

Rockie’s Diner: Rockie Burger – $7.25 includes fries

Rockie’s Diner: Deluxe Onion Burger – $6.35 includes fries

Man Vs. Food Tribute @ Rockie’s Diner