Central/Northern California

(8)  Triple A Burger in Fresno, California:
If life has you down and you want to end it all, get to this place and order the West Side Burger – it should stop your heart.  We did not expect it to actually taste all that good, but we ordered this burger that features a beef patty, bacon, pastrami, hot dogs and a fried egg.  All the flavors are good individually, but also blend together in a cholesterol-coma-inducing delight.  Their basic jumbo burger was an above average mom&pop burger as well.

Triple A Burger: Westside Burger – $7.99 with fries & drink

Triple A Burger: Jumbo Cheeseburger – $2.99

(7) Peg House in Leggett, California:
If you like juicy bacon, this place would rate even higher.  They grill the burgers to order out behind the shack and they come off the grill smoky and flavorful.  The bun was just a bit too tough and didn’t do much to help the overall burger.

Peg House: Bacon Cheeseburger – $8.99 includes coleslaw

(7) Gott’s Roadside, aka Taylor’s Automatic Refresher, in St. Helena, California:
They make a good burger – a really good burger.   So good, it tastes exactly like
In-N-Out.  You could save $6 and drive 20 miles to In-N-Out, but if you are in Napa, you won’t be disappointed in the flavor.

Gott’s Roadside: Cheeseburger – $7.99

(6) Pearl’s Deluxe Burgers in Mill Valley, California:
Tyler Florence said they have the best burger he ever had and they won a national competition, but the burgers we had were good, but didn’t cry out of special recognition.  They have a lot of different varieties of meat, so perhaps had we gone with the Kobe beef or some of their specialty burgers, we would feel different.
We ordered a Deluxe Burger with cheese and bacon & a Phat Bob

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