Burger Quest Rankings


We have ranked 112 burger spots.
Our last update was March 3, 2013.

Below is a list of burger restaurants we have rated.  For more detailed explanations of the burgers, we have grouped them into three categories – Chains, So. Cal, and Everywhere else.  The links to the reviews are in the pull-down menu under “Burger Quest.”

What started out as a mere search on the Internet for yummy food places to investigate along our 2010 summer travels, quickly turned into a quest for the best burgers.  After a couple of great burgers – one that we loved and another that was featured on the Food Network – we began ranking the burgers we ate.  When a burger is good, truly good, you can see the enjoyment in the people who consume them.  It is as if a hypnotic trance takes over.  Of course, no one really notices the trance because everyone is in one…that’s how good the burger is…trancelicious.  If you are a meat eater, you know what we’re referring to because you have experienced it too.

Of course, not all burgers are created equal.  So, we created The Franci evaluation system.  Taste is king in this evaluation system.

Our ranking system is as follows:

(10) The burger is spectacular, spectacular and hard to imagine improving (The kind of burger that makes you want to start a burger blog so you can tell others about it.)
The Counter (multiple locations)
Dog Haus in Pasadena, CA
Father’s Office in Los Angeles, CA
FrickleBurgers in Cathedral City, CA
Fuku Burger in Hollywood, CA
Stripburger in Las Vegas, NV
Umami Burger in Santa Monica, CA

(9) This is an incredible, surprisingly good burger (The type of burger joint you’d be glad to brag about to friends.)
25 Degrees (multiple locations)
Bare Back Grill in San Diego, CA
Barrymore in Las Vegas, NV
Go Burger in Hollywood, CA
Grind Burgers in Las Vegas, NV
Lucky Devils in Hollywood, CA
Nessy Burger in Fallbrook, CA
Nicky Rottens in San Diego, CA
Playground in Santa Ana, CA
Stout in Hollywood, CA
Traveller’s Cafe in Temecula, CA
WoodSpoon in Los Angeles, CA

(8) A great hamburger.
Burger Boss in Riverside, CA
Chili’s (multiple locations)
Claim Jumpers (multiple locations)
Five Guy’s (multiple locations)
Grilled Cheese Grill in Portland, OR
Hard Rock Cafe (in London, England)
Hole in the Wall Burger Joint in Santa Monica, CA
LBS in Las Vegas, NV
Ruth’s Diner in Salt Lake City, UT
Slater’s 50/50 in Anaheim Hills, CA
Triple A Burger in Fresno, CA
Willamette Burger Co. in Salem, OR
Woody’s Burgers and Beer (multiple locations)

(7) Better than most burgers – the cut-off point for an outstanding hamburger.  (When you get that burger craving, these places can satisfy it.)
Bergie’s Pub in San Diego, CA
Big Jud’s in Boise, ID
Bob’s Big Boy (multiple locations)
The Bucket in Eagle Rock, CA
Burgers and Beer (multiple locations)
Crazee Burger in San Diego, CA
C.R.E.A.T.E. in Las Vegas, NV
Fuddruckers (multiple locations)
Get the Burger in Big Bear Lake, CA
Gott’s Roadside in St. Helena, CA
Hamburger Mary’s (multiple locations)
Hodad’s in San Diego, CA
In-N-Out (multiple locations)
Johnny Rockets (multiple locations)
Peg House in Leggett, CA
Queen Victoria Pub in Las Vegas, NV

(6) Could have serious potential and is still good, but not great (Will definitely do when you need a burger fix, but not the ones you crave.)
21st Avenue Bar & Grill in Portland, OR
Blazing Onion in Snohomish, WA
Burger Bar in Las Vegas, NV
Burger Lounge (multiple locations)
Eureka! (multiple locations)
Fat Burger (multiple locations)
Gaslamp Tavern in San Diego, CA
Gold Dust Cafe in Jacksonville, OR
Henry’s American Bar & Grill in Henderson, NV
Hosie’s Pacific Pub in Oceanside, CA
Island’s Fine Burgers & Drink (multiple locations)
Juicy Burger in Hollywood, CA
King’s Row Gastropub in Pasadena, CA
MVPs Grill & Patio in Long Beach, CA
Pearl’s Deluxe Burgers in Mill Valley, CA
Pig & Whistle in Hollywood, CA
Pilot Butte Drive-In in Bend, OR
Randy Jones All American Sports Grill in San Diego, CA
Rick’s Drive In & Out in Whittier, CA
Rockie’s Diner in Boise, Idaho
Rocky’s Crown Pub in San Diego
Sylvan Steakhouse in Portland, OR
Urban Fresh in Beverly Hills, CA
Zorba’s Burgers in Riverside, CA

(5) A solid burger.
Apple Pan in Los Angeles, CA
Big League Burgers & Grill in Moreno Valley, CA
Buffalo Wild Wings (multiple locations)
Burger Express in Federal Way, WA
Burger Zone in Ontario, CA
Carney’s Express Limited in Hollywood, CA
Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour Restaurants (multiple locations)
Harry’s Cafe in Perris, CA
Harry’s Pacific Grill in Temecula, CA
Irv’s Burgers in West Hollywood, CA
Pinnacle Grill on Holland America Cruise Line
Riverwalk Burgers in Riverside, CA
Rock & Rita’s in Las Vegas, NV

(4) We wouldn’t crave it, but we’d eat it (Seems to be where most mom-and-pop burger joints fall.)
Astro Burger in West Hollywood, CA
Bravo Burgers (multiple locations)
Enzo’s BBQ in Oceanside, CA
Famous Betty’s in Redlands, CA
Farmer’s Boys (multiple locations)
George’s Drive-In in Riverside, CA
The Habit (multiple locations)
Jersey Burger in Riverside, CA
Johnny’s Burgers in Riverside, CA
Lobos in Keywest, FL
Lucky Greek in Riverside, CA
Mad Madeline’s Grill in Temecula, CA
Mels Drive-In (multiple locations)
MGM Burgers in Riverside, CA
Portillo’s (multiple locations)
Red Robin Gourmet Burgers (multiple locations)
Richie’s Burger in Moreno Valley, CA
Ruby’s (multiple locations)
Salted Pig in Riverside, CA
Steve’s Burgers in Hemet, CA
Susan Feniger’s Street in Los Angeles, CA

(3) Starting to worry about what we’re eating (Not worth going back for.)
McMenamin’s White Eagle Cafe in Portland, OR
Mombasa Islander Cooker in Escondido, CA
P & G Burgers in Moreno Valley, CA
Peggy Sue’s ’50s Diner in Yermo, CA
Storytellers Cafe in Anaheim, CA

(2) Uh, oh.
Burger Bar in Roy, Utah

(1) FAIL – We should probably not finish the burger, but should call the health department.

This list is top heavy as we are trying to differentiate between some great burgers.  If we were giving them a letter grade, those scoring a (7) would get an A-.  Those are outstanding hamburgers.

(5) on the list is a good burger.  However, if we’re talking general fast food burgers – which we have had plenty of – such as McDonald’s, Carl’s Jr., Jack in the Box, and so on, we can think of none that rank higher than a (3).

P.S.  If we ever find a burger rating better than a (5) outside the USA, we will let you know.  However, if you’re ever outside of the USA feel free to buy something other than an All-American burger.

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