I can hardly believe it’s been two months since I last posted.  The truth is we have been working on researching working overseas, specifically the UAE.  Besides checking out blogs, reading articles, and devouring three books concerning the UAE culture, we’ve been collecting all those important documents that you know you put in a safe place…only to learn safe is too safe. 🙂  Only one mantra ran through my mind whenever I felt a rush of panic seep into my soul, “Keep Calm, Carry On.”  It worked. I found all documents needed.

As for our exact plan, nothing is final yet, but we will likely start a new adventure August 2012.  In the meantime, we are working toward minimizing our possessions and getting organized.

We have experienced a few outings in-between the digging through boxes and research.  Two I thought I were spectacular involved visiting an olive farm and attending a theatre production called “I Love Lucy Live On Stage.”

Graber Olive House – we found this place simply by buying a can of their olives in our local Ralph’s grocery store.  We noticed they are a local company residing in Ontario, and they give free tours of their olive packing process.  Great olives, great people, and a great tour.  I will be a fan forever.  (Tip:  The Graber Olive House has two stores. The best deal may be their Orchard Run olives.  These are the usual ripe, flavor packed Graber olives but of various sizes – and only available here.  At less then $4, they also cost about half of what a can of their olives will run you in the grocery store.)

Inside yummy goodies galore occupy shelves – yum.







I Love Lucy Live On Stage is a hoot.  For two hours the audience is transported back to an era where they are part of a live taping of the “I Love Lucy” show.  The production shares nostalgic radio commercial spots as well as fun moments on the I Love Lucy show.  The production is still running, so if you are in Los Angeles (or are just a Lucy fan), take a few hours out and enjoy a Lucy experience.  (Note: the theatre has a first come, first served seating policy.)

–Peace out, Trenquilla