The Franci is us, John and Trenquilla Francis.  We are virtually inseparable.

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You might wonder why we call ourselves The Franci. We did not brand ourselves.  We are both high school English teachers, and because we seem inseparable, one teacher coined the nickname “The Franci” to refer to us. The nickname – pronounced France-eye – stuck.

We’ve had family, friends, and people we’ve met along our travels tell us we need to share our travels and experiences.  Hence, the blog creation.

We were married in January of 2001, but have been together since 1999.  We caught the travel bug early on in our relationship, but we weren’t working in careers that allowed us the opportunity to escape more than one week at a time or the occasional three-day weekend. However, during 2002-2005 we worked on obtaining our teaching credentials so we could align our lives.  BEST DECISION EVER!

We officially acknowledged the traveling bug during the summer of 2006.  In fact, John picked Trenquilla up on the last day of school, and we spent 45 of the 46 days traveling.  We made it back just in time to do laundry and show up for school the next day.  Since that summer, we squeeze in as much travel and experiences as possible.  We have come to the realization that while we often regret the money we spend on stuff we end up never using, we have never regretted traveling or the experiences that come with it.  In fact, we are becoming minimalists.  We no longer lug large suitcases around the world; we only travel with carry-ons.

We do not consider ourselves experts, but we are full of information.  Sometimes we travel in luxury, but most of the time we travel with basic accommodations in mind.  That is, we look for a place to stay that is clean as well as inexpensive.  The truth is we use every ounce of our time away cashing in on experiences and we find we only use the temporary housing to sleep.  However, sometimes the lap of luxury fits the bill and as long as it’s an experience, we’re in.

We hope you enjoy trippin’ with us.

–The Franci

P.S.  The Franci blog photo was taken by a good friend while we were at a pottery factory in a town on the outskirts of Assisi, Italy.